About Us

More Than Just Knives

At Forged Blade, we believe that knives can be more than just a tool.

Our goal is to design and create knives that perform at a professional level, while also being functional works of art that can be proudly displayed in your kitchen.

You're guaranteed to find your perfect knife in our rustic collection of hand forged chef knives.

A Proudly Canadian Brand

Forged Blade was founded in British Columbia in 2019 and we are 100% Canadian owned and operated.

We believe in supporting the local economy. That's why it's our mission to use as much North American raw materials as possible in the production of our knives, wood, and leather products.

Fair Pricing

Most brands in the knife industry mark their products up 6-8x the cost of production. We do things differently.

We operate with shockingly low overhead and this allows us to use premium quality steel and beautiful natural wood to create small batches of stunning and extremely sharp knives.

To make our knives accessible, we eliminated all distributors and ship directly to your door. That means we can pass the savings on to you without the traditional markups.

Hanzo Series

The ultimate Japanese inspired chef set, made with ultra hard Japanese AUS-10 steel.

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Wildrose Series

High Carbon Damascus steel with our unique hexagonal hand pressed design.

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Explorer Series

Stunning design elements combined with durable American 440C steel.

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Quality Focus

Our master blacksmiths craft each knife using premium steel and natural wood.

Free Shipping

All products are shipped from our Canadian warehouse directly to your door.

Peace Of Mind

Industry leading lifetime warranty is included on every knife we ship.